2019 Jay and Melissa Betts City Family
2018 Stan and Suzanne Wood Farm Family
2017 Jerry and Shirley Bonner City Family
2016 Steve and Lisa Lake Farm Family
2015 Dr. Bill and Carolyn Peinhardt City Family
2014 Jeremy and Julie Calvert Farm Family
2013 Dr. Tom (Big Doc) and Judy Williamson City Family
2012 Phillip and Nancy Garrison Farm Family
2011 Raymond and Gloria Williams City Family
2010 Sam and Cynthia Black Farm Family
2009 Don and Dean Green City Family
2008 Steven Creel Farm Family
2007 Roy Drinkard City Family
2006 Keith and Wilma Smith Farm Family
2005 Jerry and Mary Ann Caudle City Family
2004 Nathan and Anna Thompson Farm Family
2003 Gregg and Marie Hodges City Family
2002 Phillip and Vickie Harbison Farm Family
2001 Waymon and Ann Montgomery City Family
2000 George and Bessie Scott Farm Family
1999 Greg and Cathy Clark City Family
1998 Billy and Terri Gilley Farm Family
1997 Bill and Kay Butler City Family
1996 Anthony and Cindy Thompson Farm Family
1995 Bert and Berta McGriff City Family
1994 Andrew and Delby Chambers Farm Family
1993 Chester and Hilda Freeman City Family
1992 Dennis and Susan Reid Farm Family
1991 Richard and Beth Shelnutt City Family
1990 Bud and Bonnie Fullilove
1989 W.C. and Charlotte Kress
1988 Dwight and Faye Tilley
1987 Jerry and Shelba Eddelman
1986 Leon and Marie Creel
1985 Lee and Reba Joe Michelfelder
1984 Darrel and Lydia Haynes
1983 Oscar and Norma Bradford
1982 The Ronny Donaldson Family
1981 The Willy Burmester Family
1980 The Kenneth Neal Family
1979 The Joe Burham Family